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To register, please complete each area and then click on the "Sign Me Up!" button at the bottom.

By registering I agree to the following—

  1. Travel Costs. I will be responsible for all my travel expenses (airfare, lodging, meals, and incidentals).
  2. Pastor Recommendation. I will ask a current Seventh-day Adventist pastor to email a recommendation statement for me to marella.rudebaugh@nw.npuc.org.
  3. Involvement at home. I am willing to be involved in a similar series of meetings within 8 months after I return home.
Names of additional family members (living in my same household) who will be going with me.

Note: If additional family members are speaking at a separate site, please register them individually..

Personal Information
Enter your school name if you will be traveling with a school.
Trip Information
Select the role you would like to fill while on the mission trip.
Do you preach in English and require Spanish translation?
List the name of the speaker you will be going with.
Check any that apply to your background.
Lodging Information
I understand that each person is responsible for their own room charges. With that in mind, I prefer the following lodging arrangements (select option below)
List the names of the people you would like to room with.
List the names of your spouse or family that you would like to room with.
Please let us know of any further comments or questions you may have.
Ticket Information

As soon as your ticket is purchased please e-mail the following information to marella.rudebaugh@nw.npuc.org.

  • Arrival date & time at final destination
  • Airline & flight number
  • Departure date & time

We do NOT need your entire itinerary--only the above items. The local church leaders need this information to know which flights to meet and when to begin hotel reservations.